Sunday, April 20, 2014

eSalon Custom Hair Color Trial

I am trying out for a new hair color. They were featured on the Racheal Ray show for their custom formulated hair color.
I have wanted to color my hair for some time but am always afraid. I have had my hair professionally colored by experts before. I have seen their work and their clients always leave with lovely color.
It is not the fault of the beautician- I swear. My hair always comes out orangey. There is something about the chemistry of my hair that causes it to come out orangy.

 I would love to have a lovely light brownish-blondish color; something Leona Lewis like before she went dark. I went to the website, answered the questions and picked my desired color. They ask you for some current pictures of yourself. I uploaded photo's of myself with curly and straight hair. They ask you to give them any pertinent information, which I did. I told them how my hair is lighter without product and much darker when I wear it curly because it is loaded with product.

There is a special discount promotion going on now. Go over to the Steals and Deals tab to find out more about the promotion. If you are brave enough to try out the site, at least get the discount. I will come back later and put the link to the Steals and Deals post.

They offer rush processing for an extra $2 which I paid for because I am always anxious when I order something hair related! Once you order, you will receive auto shipments based on the frequency you choose, or you can tell them to stop auto shipments. I chose to have mine sent every 12 weeks. I don't mind having dark roots. If I like it, I might up it to every 8 weeks; we will see....

I will post a follow up when I receive my product and when I use it. I will also post some before and after photos. I am honestly scared as all get out. I don't want orange hair again, but it is spring and I would love some spring hair color. If it ends up pumkin orange, at least I will be ready for fall!

Wish me luck!

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